Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The West Virginia Blues

Hey, y'all. Here's a little piece I wrote while I was on my clinical in Princeton, WV. Enjoy!


“I don’t need this life, I’ll be fine on my own.”
Now that I’m here, I just want to be home.
I need my family.  I miss my friends.
I want my girl.  Every night that I spend
Away in this place pulls me further away
From all that I love.  Never thought I would say
“I feel so alone.  I guess that I’m not
As good on my own or as free as I thought.”

I had faith when You said You were everywhere
What’s omnipresence?  I can’t feel you here?
My God, my God, why’d You leave me?
When you can be anywhere You want to be?
How could you let me wander so far away
Into the unknown?  Now I wish I had stayed
Where I could be sure I’d see nothing new.
Who needs the world when I can have You?

I’ve done my time and now I have found
What I have lost in this uncommon ground.
They say You’re in all, and all You have made
Contains all your glory.  I wish I had prayed,
“I feel you, Lord.  Yes, even now
When I have nothing except for my doubt.”
In my deepest self-pity, I saw you there,
You said, “My son, you’re My cross to bear.”

Greetings from West Virginia