Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dei Song

In an effort to appease my over-active imagination, I've created the Dei Song Series, an ever-expanding Christian SciFi project.  So, naturally, I would like to share it.  Eventually, it will likely include a series of novels, short stories, blogs, discussion forums, etc., and maybe even music, movies, and comics (as soon as I find Robin Williams to grant me my wishes).  The story line follows the last days of humanity leading up to Armageddon and the impact of a select few survivors on a comparably young alien race.  I have purposely left the description vague to avoid spoilers and contradictions in a constantly growing universe, but as I’ve already finished the first book in the series and sent it to publishers, I can safely share a variation of the query letter I sent out with it:

Dei Song: Those Last Days is a 70,000-word Christian Science Fiction novel focusing on what it means to find purpose in a dying world.  The story begins in Areli Adva’s San Angeles tower home on March 7, 2121, and follows him in his adventures across a raptured United States.  The world Areli knows is filled with awe-inspiring technology and human extravagance, but he soon finds the untamed truths of nature dwelling just beyond its borders.  It is there, in America’s timeless Heartland, that he finds God in the stillness of the night. 
Originally springing to life from Revelation’s accounts of the 144,000, Those Last Days is an honest fiction of what could be, blending allegory with thought-provoking adventure.  Though reinforced with apocalyptic themes and Biblical references, the story is closer to War of the Worlds or Walden than it is to the Left Behind series or C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy.  A strong desire for the freedom and truth of nature mixed with intimate relationships among friends and family make this SciFi adventure appealing to a large audience. 
The Dei Song blog consists of various first-person accounts leading up to the end of the world, which have been collected and presented by Elias, a member of the alien race known as the Oluchipala.  The accounts will stay consistent with the Dei Song universe and will occasionally contain elements of the book series, such as major characters or events, thus giving insight into current and future story lines.  
That's about all I have for now but I'm going to do my best to keep putting out new material (I'm working on the second novel already), so check back often for new developments in the Dei Song Universe!


  1. Hi Andrew,

    Great to meet a fellow Christian who shares a good imagination (And a enjoyment for sci-fi!)

    Sounds like you're off too a good start. Writing a novel takes guts. After that, you'll need perseverence!! :)

    Heard back from any of the publishers? Sending out queries can be a tiring process.

  2. Thanks Brandon. Moody Book Publishers has told me they'll give me an answer by the end of June. You're right though, the waiting is worse than the writing ever was! If Moody doesn't pick it up, I'm querying to some agents. I really like your stuff, by the way. I'll be stopping by your blog often!

  3. That's funny! I have a manuscript sitting on Moody's desk... :)

    Has Moody asked for the full manuscript from you?

  4. Sigh, no. They just rejected it today. They said it "does not fit in with [their] current publishing plans." I hope you have better luck! Maybe I should write a blog about this...

  5. Hey Andrew, don't feel too badly. I've received that type of rejection too. Perhaps we should try our hand in Amish women's fiction...we'd have a better chance at landing a contract then ;)

  6. I hear ya! What was I thinking getting into science fiction in 2010. The sequel is definitely going to have either a vampire or George Washington as a time traveller.