Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taking a risk

This was actually my first post on this blog…but then I chickened out and deleted it.  So, now that I’ve tested the waters, this will be my SECOND blog.  I probably won’t have another one for a while, since I’m going to try to get back to working on my Dei Song series, but you should click on the link on the left side of my page, just above that ridiculous picture of me, as it’s my other blog devoted entirely to said series and contains further ramblings by me (this sentence has run on long enough…time for it to end).  Enjoy!

Disclaimer: My muse in this poem was a 101 degree fever and a tumbler filled to the brim with Robitussin Cough & Cold.  I originally wrote it with the intent of reading it on a stage, in front of actual people, which I obviously never followed through with once my drug-induced courage wore off.  Instead, it will be debuted here for my millions of faithful readers.


Forgive me for being grave when I talk about gravity,
But gravity’s the only thing keeping me down.
On the other hand, I’d rather talk with premature gravity than talk about a premature grave.
That’s it! The earth’s just one big grave, forcing us to act brave.
I mean, what’s scarier than being held in the one place you don’t want to be?
Stuck in a sea of our own illusion of fear.
It’s earth’s selfish way of keeping us here, covering our heads from something up there.
Boy, if it was gone, we’d rise above this pond, and I bet, it just might be clear.
So you see, we’re just stuck in one big rave, trippin’ on the delusions we desperately crave.
So if gravity’s such a downer, how’d I get way up here?
Up above the beer and your, ah, slightly skeptical stare.
Now I’m not talking about this stage.  I don’t need this to be above the mean.
How’d I fight my way out of the grave? Is anyone else feeling a little slow?
But lack of speed’s no reason to fret, and if you’re small, there’s still room to grow.
That’s it, you’re dense!  No, wait, I’m sure I don’t mean it like that.
It’s just that you’re dense and I’m not.  He he, is anyone feeling a little hot?
Let me start over.  If I’m less dense, than say, YOU,
I just might break through this gravitational milieu.
Gravity can’t pull on what isn’t there!
But what do you care?  I’m just one of a few.
I’ll tell you why.  If I’m less dense, that means I’m light!
Or was it bright?  Either way, I’m sure I’ve spoken with authority at some point tonight.
After all, you don’t grow tall by anything you do, only by Grace.
So stop trying to save face, we all have room to grow.
So next time you’re feeling low, and caught in the world’s cage,
Remember, all you need is love, until we can rise above this tragic affair.
Then density, gravity, quickness, sickness, fears, careers, race, and age
Won’t mean a thing in the air up There.


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