Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good News and Bad News

            Disclaimer: This particular fun-filled blog post is all about my recent snags and successes as a writer. If you’re not interested in the exciting world of publication, I know a great website called “” that is sure to entertain you. If you’re still with me (bless you), then let’s dive in.

A quick Google search and some informal surveying makes it obvious that people like the bad news first, so here goes:

I’ve given up on my first novel…for now. Since I started writing Dei Song in January of 2008 (then titled The 144,000), I’ve grown considerably as a writer. Or, at least, I like to think so. Now, when I look at the current “final draft,” I still see so much I would like to change about it. The introduction takes too long to reveal the major conflict, the main character takes too long to become “likeable,” the resolution doesn’t resolve enough, etc., etc.

I know the writing is at least mediocre. I know this because almost everyone who has read it has commented on being sucked into the story world and enjoying their stay. Unfortunately, style alone doesn’t make for a great (or even good) novel. Like so many writers I’ve talked to, I’ve written a story afflicted with “first novel symptoms.”

These thoughts, which have been lurking in the shadows for some time, were subtly hinted at by others, and finally confirmed by an agent friend (if she will permit me to classify her as such). She loved the writing and was impressed it was my first novel, BUT, in the end, she echoed what Ialready knew to be true.

So maybe I should have actually read a craft book before I started writing a novel. Maybe I should have talked to at least ONE writer before I started penning out my grand idea. Maybe I should have written short stories first.

But what’s the fun in that? As I said, I’ve grown from the writing (and extensive editing) of Dei Song, and for that I am grateful. The best way for me to learn is by doing.

And that leads me to the good news: I’m published!

You heard it right. Splickety Magazine has graciously accepted my short story, titled “Wolf Hunt,” in its first publication. Splickety (an imprint of Written World Communications) will release its maiden issue in early December, and my story will be one of (approximately) fifteen Christian “flash fiction” stories of various genres, geared toward readers with “short attention spans.”

Wolf Hunt by Andrew James Winch (sorry, I had to) is a classic werewolf story with a twist. Sorry, I can’t tell you any more. If I do, Ben Erlichman (Executive Editor of Splickety Magazine) is likely to bust down my front door in Mad Max attire and make me regret my disclosure.

Get the free pdf file HERE. I know you’ll all want one!

Lastly, I’ll include one more juicy morsel of news (whether it’s good or bad is yet to be determined). I’ve started writing my second novel. It’s a YA (young adult) paranormal adventure that follows four extraordinary teens. The protagonist, Isaak Forrester, is adopted, Christian, and not exactly human. Join him in a world where wolves, wights, and Tuatha De rule the night, and where everyone is out for blood…
With any luck, I'll have a respectable draft completed by Independence Day, 2012.

Well, kiddos. That’s it for now. The fire’s dying down, my glass is dry, and my eyes are heavy. Thanks for stopping by. You know the way out. And drive safely now, won’t ya?


  1. Congrats on the publication! Enjoyed your post. Kind of hearty and snacky all in one.

  2. Thanks, Amy! The mere fact that my post reminded you of food is satisfaction enough for me.